Cable Clips

These small, innocuous clips may look unassuming, but they have a mighty part to play in almost every building project.

What are Cable Clips Used For?

Cable clips safely and neatly secure all of the cables and wiring in a property. They help keep wires discreet and concealed while minimising electrical and trip hazards. Cable clips come in all shapes and sizes to secure the tiniest wires to the thickest conduit cable.

What are the Different Types of Cable Clips?

Cable clips are available in a wide range of materials, colours, and sizes – from 4mm to 25mm. These include nail cable clips, which are often used to pin down TV cables, screw-in cable clips, self-adhesive cable clips, flat cable clips, round cable clips, girder clips, and more. Toolstation stocks a wide range of high-quality clips and accessories from leading brands such as Pitac and White.

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