Cable Connectors & Industrial Electrics

Are you looking for on-site electrics and connectors? At Toolstation you can find a wide range of connectors and on-site electrics to suit your requirements, including electrical cable connectors, extension reels and industrial sockets. Browse electrical cable connectors and much more from high-quality brands including Axiom and Defender. We stock industrial electrical cable connectors and waterproof electrical connectors ranging from 110V to 240V. At Toolstation you can also find extension leads and reels for all your requirements, ranging from 14 – 50m in length in blue or yellow. If you require industrial plugs and sockets for on-site electricals, shop our wide range of industrial sockets in 110, 240 or 415 Voltage, with amp ratings of 16 or 32. As well as supplying electrical cable connectors, industrial sockets and more, we also stock power tool transformers. If you need to convert your power tools, choose the 110V power tool transformer, ideal for converting power tools to 110V, and this comes with a tough GRP case. To distribute power supply on -site, shop industrial 4-way splitters. Made by Axiom, our 4-way splitter box comes in 100V or 230V, with a steel case and carry handle. Receive free delivery with your order when you spend £25 or more or click and collect from your closest Toolstation branch.
                            Blue Blue Extension Lead 16A 230V 14m - 12236 - from Toolstation ( 32 )
                            ex. VAT £23.42

                            Manufactured to BS 60309.

                            Industrial Socket IP67 415V 16A 3PN+E Switched - 31595 - from Toolstation ( 2 )
                            ex. VAT £31.42

                            Industrial RCD Socket IP67 240V 32A 30ma 2P+E  Switched - 77367 - from Toolstation ( 5 )
                            ex. VAT £84.34

                            Industrial RCD Socket IP67 240V 16A 30ma 2P+E Switched - 13535 - from Toolstation
                            ex. VAT £74.99

                            Industrial Watertight Plug IP67 415V 16A 3PN+E - 21619 - from Toolstation
                            ex. VAT £10.78

                            Industrial Socket IP67 110V 16A 2P+E  Switched - 71585 - from Toolstation
                            ex. VAT £22.48

                            CED CED Industrial Watertight Connector IP67 240V 16A - 51146 - from Toolstation ( 1 )
                            Industrial Watertight Plug IP67 415V 32A 3PN+E - 42525 - from Toolstation
                            ex. VAT £13.52

                            Profix Profix 4 Way Splitter 230V - 14620 - from Toolstation ( 4 )
                            14620 4 Way Splitter 230V
                            ex. VAT £30.76

                            4 x 16 amp outlets. Steel case with carry handle. 5m of ...Read more

                            Industrial Connectors IP44 110V Panel Socket 32A - 73360 - from Toolstation
                            ( 31 )
                            £5.87 was £7.34
                            ex. VAT £4.89

                            Manufactured to BS60309.

                            Defender Defender Defender Spiderball 110V Distribution Unit - 22872 - from Toolstation
                            ( 2 )

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